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Welcome to my Frome PC repairs site. If you live in Frome or the local area (Somerset, UK) I can offer a friendly and professional computer repair service.

Personally I have over 10 years experience in computer repairs supporting both small companies and people working from home.

Computer Repair Services I provide:

I specialise in servicing Windows-Based PC’s Only, including hardware diagnostics and software troubleshooting.

(Sorry, no Mac support at this time).

New Computer Setup

I can help you through the initial setup process of your new desktop or laptop. Help you install and configure any software titles you may want to add. Setup email and make sure you are protected and ready to go online (home Internet service required).

Troubleshooting and PC Repair

Most home users don’t have time to hassle with bringing a computer to a retail repair shop. I make it easy by going directly to the customer’s home to handle all their computer troubleshooting and repair needs. I do my best to make it convenient for customers to get their problems solved quickly.

It may be in some circumstances necessary to have your system taken to my workbench for repairs. I strive to make this process painless as possible, by picking up, repairing, and retuning your PC.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Viruses are a fact of life when using a computer, even if you never intentionally did anything to infect your system viruses are and can be very stealthy, and in some cases harmful to your precious data. Let me advise you on how you can protect your Computer from Viruses and Spyware and have that layer of protection and some peace of mind.

Network/Internet Setup

Ready to go online? Ditching the Old Dial-Up for ADSL or Cable Internet? Maybe you want to go “Wireless”! Let me get you connected to the Web and set up a home network so that everyone in your home has the ability go online and share the vast resources of information that the net offers.

Hardware and Software Support

Want to upgrade your existing Computer? I can tell you how if possible. I can also help you in choosing the right hardware and/or software title to suit your needs.

Data Backup and Restore:

How many of you back up your data daily or weekly? Do you have pictures, music, or documents that you would hate to lose? I recieve calls and e-mails regarding the issue of possible failed hard drives with important data on them quite often. Sometimes I’m able to recover the data, but when I’m not, the only option I have is to recommend the hard drive be sent to a Data Recovery Service. The price for this specialised service can run into the thousands of pounds because of it’s time-consuming and delicate processes. Your data might be worth that to you, but are you willing to spend that kind of money to get it back? Most will say no, you’ll suffer the loss and move on. The GOOD NEWS is that there are some great data backup solutions and some are even FREE! I can provide you with local (external hard drive) and remote (over the Internet) backup solutions.

These are just a few of the Frome PC Repair services I provide in the Frome area.

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With the New Year comes New Year\'s Resolutions. Why not make one of those resolutions to ensure your Computer is running at it\'s best by having an Inspection performed.
A Standard Inspection includes: Inspect and Test all Hardware, Includes Fan Testing, Hard Drive Diagnostics, CD/DVD Drive Diagnostics, Video Diagnostics, Power Supply Diagnostics,Memory Diagnostics, Take a pro-active step today to help prevent any potential or hidden problems tomorrow.