Flat Rate Price List

Most of the time a diagnosis of a Computer issue can fall under a “Flat Rate Service”. So here is a list of the most common Flat Rate Services I provide. Pricing in some cases may vary, I value the customers needs! I can assure you that you will not be treated like a number. I honestly put myself in your shoes, understanding the frustrations that computers can give. I take pride in giving you the support that will make your future computer needs more enjoyable.

Call or email for a free estimate. You may have no idea what the cost of any repair will be, if it’s in your current budget or if it’s even in the long-run worth fixing? I can help you in making an educated decision. I won’t  tell you to throw good money into a potentially bad investment just for your business. I pride myself in giving you an honest eveluation because, I want your business wheter it is sooner or down the road.

About My Rates
Computers have become as common a household staple as a couch or a refrigerator and computer repair prices are something that you have probably come to include in your miscellaneous or emergency budgets. Having a computer that is out of commission for even a day can set back your personal and/or work schedules to an entirely unacceptable degree.

Statistically there is a good chance that you will encounter at least one virus, spyware infection or hardware or software malfunction at some point during your computer ownership. If you haven’t had a professional set up the proper blocks and security measures chances are that you already may be using an infected computer. Not all viruses cause complete destruction to your hard-drive, some simply slow down the function of your system or cause other irritating issues. And as far as hardware or software, simply put, parts will fail over time, and software will refuse to run or cause errors at some point. Don’t wait until your computer is too far gone to ask for advise or service from a trained professional.

Someone as myself who is a “Mobile Service” I am not worried as much by overhead as would a “brick and mortar” business so it allows me to set my service prices a bit less while keeping the quality of service high. You are always entitled to a free price quote before any work is conducted on your computer so that you can determine whether or not the service will fit into your budget. Furthermore, you will not have to waste valuable time and energy packing up your computer and taking it to a shop. Finding a reliable mobile technology repair service will save you money, time, and aggravation.



Frome PC Repairs

  • Flat rate one fix: £50.00
  • Flat rate General Tune-Up: £50.00
  • Flat rate Full PC clean-Up: £50.00
  • Flat Data Migration: £50.00 – £200.00 (dependent on size and condition of hard drive)
  • Reinstall OS (Operating System): £100.00 (You must provide a license)
  • Flat rate New PC Setup: £100.00
  • Flat rate Wireless Network Setup: £50.00
  • Anti-virus Software Install and Configuration: £30.00
  • Replacing Laptop parts:  (Quote on request)

So, if you live anywhere between the Frome and Trowbridge areas I encourage you to call me on 0773997493, or click on the “contact me” tab and fill out the online form.

Computer Repair Services in Somerset


A Standard Inspection includes: Inspect and Test all Hardware, Includes Fan Testing, Hard Drive Diagnostics, CD/DVD Drive Diagnostics, Video Diagnostics, Power Supply Diagnostics,Memory Diagnostics, Take a pro-active step today to help prevent any potential or hidden problems tomorrow.
With the New Year comes New Year\'s Resolutions. Why not make one of those resolutions to ensure your Computer is running at it\'s best by having an Inspection performed.